The babies are coming and they will be fed!

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9 month emissions for new babies!

Child support (earnings) distributed to holders!

Support the family of tokens!

So, how does it even work?

So easy even a baby could do it.

3 easy steps.

1. Buy Baby token.

2. Hodl!!!!

3. Earn the baby's parent token.

For example, holding BabyBoo will reward you in boo — automatically!

In the future, $BABYBOO0/$BABYPANGOLIN holders will be able to vote on new BabyTokens that will get launched in their ecosystems, as well as vote on the farming pairs that will be used to emit those tokens. Doing it this way, even when farming rewards have ended for one of the BabyTokens, we'll be able to vote to create liquidity incentives for those tokens.

The goal is to over time build a big Baby Family - new launches will give utility to old BabyTokens - the whole ecosystem helps the rest of the ecosystem.

This helps us move beyond the "pump and dump" memecoin status, and hopefully, in time, having an official BabyToken launched through the Nursery will be seen as a mark of legitimacy for projects in the FTM/AVAX ecosystem.


Participate in NFT drops for BabyTokens! Unlock Achievement NFTs just by holding! Help support great causes!


Earn future BabyTokens by providing and staking liquidity pairs! Each new BabyToken will be emitted over a 9-month gestation period! A family always supports each other!


Holders of BabyBoo and BabyPangolin will vote on future farm weights, suggest new BabyTokens, and ultimately decide how liquidity incentives are distributed in their respective ecosystems.

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